Super Dancer 2 Top 12 Contestant Name List With Guru, Super 12 Participants

Super Dancer 2 Top 12

Super Dance 2 on 4th Week selecting Top 12 Contestant which will be added to main roaster of Super Dancer show in which each contestant will get choreographer means dance Guru who will teach That contestant every week episode as choosing Super 12 is very difficult because from more than twenty contestant was selected in Auditions Round and some of then Return from Super Dancer Previous who not able to make to Final 12 Participants now in this week on Episode 7 and 8 we will get out Super Dancer 12 which will be selected by Our Judges Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Maa, Anurag Basu for getting selected every judge need to push trigger and if one of them not agree to Push trigger then that contestant will not be selected now till Sunday night we will get out Super 12 contestant which means from 5th week Real competition will begin and follow Elimination round in which every week one contestant will be eliminated by Voting basis.

Super Dancer 2 Top 12
Super Dancer 2 Top 12

Super Dancer Top 12 Contestant

  • Akash Thapa
  • Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo
  • Vivek Vilas
  • Kunal Jyoti
  • Misti Sinha
  • Muskan Sharma
  • Ritwik Diwakar
  • Shagun Singh
  • Bishal Sharma
  • Abir Rahaman
  • Arushi Saxena
  • Chandresh Delwar

As above contestant are selected For Super Bara in which four contestant are added to Wild card Entry capable which means Stand By contestant

Super Dancer 12 Guru

  • Palden
  • Pratik Ramesh Utekar
  • Vaibhav
  • Nishant
  • Ruel
  • Anurahda Iyengar
  • Paul
  • Aishwarya Radhakrishnan
  • Khushboo Gupta
  • Omkar Shinde
  • Vivek Chachere
  • Sonali

On Forth Week contestant allotted with Dance Partner which are Dance Guru or choreographer and they will perform Grand Opening Premier Dance as Duo which don’t have elimination of any contestant as this show getting huge response from audience as many fans are connected with this season contestant so above pair of Guru and contestant will give you best performances of their carrier and lets hopes guru will be create magic as last year.

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