Dance Champions Episode 7 | 21 October 2017 | 4th Elimination | Contestant


Dance champions 7th Episode going to feature on Star Plus at 9pm but will happen on Dance champions 4th Week First Episode in which we will get Bir Radha Sherpa update on he is returning on show or not and if he return then in which squad will be he added as in last episode because of Dengue he not able to compete in Dance Battle against Sushant Khatri which result Sushant Khatri was added to Winner list and if Bir Radha Sherpa recovering from Dengue and returning today then he might be added into Warrior Squad which means he directly perform at Sunday episode on do or die battle with 4 other contestant which will be added due to losing Dance Battle and as per last week episode there will be no special guest appear on tonight show just because of Show is airing for short time it is not easy complete 5 Dance Battle in short time so guest specially appear for Promoting movie or Show so from last episode no guest seen on Dance champions.


MJ5, Kings United, Bad Salsa, Sushant Khatri, Piyush Bhagat, Faisal And Vaishnavi, Yogesh and Dipali, Wild Ripperz and expected to add one more contestant added to squad in which Bad Salsa unbeaten till date and Faisal and Vaishnavi not yet won single Dance Battle and Piyush Bhagat, Sushant Khatri with unique style prove they are best what they do and in last week episode V company and Kings United battle with each other friend vs friend in which Kings United Wins battle and V company enter into Elimination round and they lose which result they become third contestant to eliminated from Dance champions and new opponent of mj5 will be interesting because they always comes with new plan and new script with moon walk always create magic which impress Remo Dsouza and Terence Lewis.


4th Elimination will be announced on Sunday episode which is decided between 5 contestant or if bir Radha Sherpa not appearing on Saturday show then one more contestant will be automatically added to winner Squad which result 4 contestant round will feature one of them will be eliminated and if judge makes decision against Bir Radha Sherpa because he absent for back to back episode then there is more chances that 4th Elimination will be of Bir Radha Sherpa till now three contestant are eliminated in which First Eliminated contestant is Teriya Magar, Second contestant are 13.13 crew and third contestant are V company.


Bir Radha Sherpa
Bad Salsa
Sushant Khatri
Piyush Bhagat
Wild Ripperz
V company
Kings United
Faisal Vaishnavi
Yogesh and Dipali

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