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Dance Champions 2017

Remo Dsouza and Star Plus team coming back another show after Dance Plus success as Indian Reality Dance show and also capture highest TRP Rating as in this Show one of great factor of Dance Plus show Final battle round winner of this battle will gets credits or advance to next round which become really popular and audience want to see more battle likes this so for them they coming with Dance Champions show with theme Champions Vs Challenger which means champions of previous reality show in which they holding winning or runner up title will be contestants of Dance Champions then they will have battle on weekly basis then Winner of this battle will be choose by super judge Remo Dsouza and decision for next round will be decided by audience via voting.

Dance Champions Season 1

Dance Champions is launching this year which means 2017 will be a Season 1 for this show which will be telecast by Star Plus every Saturday and Sunday at 9pm and live streaming on as this is new show so many of fans wanted know about this show, Dance Champions dance reality show which is hosted by Star Plus, Remo Dsouza will be super judge and one of the finest entertainer Raghav juyal will be the host, Punit Pathak will be choreographer but there is no confirmation about who will be primary judge for this show as two promo already released in first promo Remo Dsouza and Raghav was featuring in which Raghav enter into casino to play rummy and Remo Dsouza is king of rummy, then in second promo they announced Contestants for Dance Champions which involve runner of Dance Plus Show and some contestant from Dance India Dance and Nach Baliye.

Dance Champions 2017
Dance Champions 2017

Dance Champions Episode 1

Dance Champions episode will be opening episode of Dance Champions which is going to air on 30 September 2017 at 9pm on Star Plus in which we will get to see all Dance Champions contestant performing as per pair or dance group as we already seen they performing in last episode of Dance Plus and then some of important role and some surprise’s will be out on Episode 1 which will be full of entertainment no score will be given to performance and no elimination so voting also be closed for this day and one of the best part of first episode is Raghav Juyal role will be out which is really interesting because during interview he told to reporter that this time also his role will be unique likes Dance Plus Padosi which is so entertaining but there is no confirmation about Shakti and Dharmesh who also part of Raghav comedy.

Dance Champions Voting

Dance Champions Voting will officially start from second week of Dance Champions as first two episode will have only welcome performances and then on basis of this performances there is no voting is consider as it will start after second week with different code number will be given to each participants which mentioned below.

Dance Champions Star Plus Champions:

  • Wild Ripper: Runner of Dance Plus Season 2
  • Dipali and Yogesh: Runner of Super dancer
  • Sanam and Abigail: Nach Baliye 2 Runner up

Dance Champions Star Plus Challengers:

  • Teriya: Winner of Dance India Dance
  • V Company: Winner of Dance Plus Season 1
  • Faizal and Vaishnavi: Nach Baliye

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