Dance champions 1st Elimination | Episode 1, 2 Star Plus 2017

Dance champions Elimination

After awesome battle of Dance champions and challenger people searching for who is Eliminated in First Week so on first Week of Dance champions Teriya Magar who Is Winner of Dance India Dance Little champs eliminated from champions group now Four champions are remains for next round and challenger fought hard also give huge competition to champions which result one of Teriya magar eliminated because of average performance as this elimination is done following battle from Episode 1 as there is battle between champions vs challenger then loser of this battle goes to elimination round in which each contestants will get chance to perform and one of them will be eliminated by Remo and Terence by marking of percentage if Remo give 50% and Terence gives 50%  after performance that contestant will be joining winning squad of Dance Battle for next round which is really awesome concept as to match ration of champions and challenger whoever eliminated that type of contestants will be added in respective squad which as this week one champion from champions team is eliminated so for next round one champion will be added to team for next Round.

Dance champions 1st Elimination: Teriya Magar

Dance champions 1st Elimination
Dance champions 1st Elimination

Dance champions Episode 1

Dance champions Episode 1 feature all Dance champions and challengers in which 5 dance battle and in this battle winner of this Battle advanced to Next round and loser of this battle will schedule for next Episode for do or die situation because of one of them will be eliminated as MJ5, Bad Salsa, Sushant Khatri, Dipali-Yogesh and Wild Ripperz gave awesome performances to win this battle and some battle are so close and impressive which stunned judges in that Bir Radha Sherpa vs Bad Salsa is one of tough competition for which judges check this battle for two time then decide winner.

Dance champions Episode 2

Dance champions episode 2 which was air on 1 October in that Bir Radha Sherpa and Fizal khan and vaishanvi Patil performances was really awesome as Remo Dsouza also mentioned why they are champions and they proved to Audience and at end because average performance in Dance Battle and elimination round Teriya Magar is eliminated according Remo Dsouza and Terence Lewis decision now nine contestant will added to next Round

Dance champions Round 2 contestants

V companyWild Ripperz
Bir Radha SherpaBad Salsa
MJ5Piyush Bhagat
Teriya : Eliminated Dipali and Yogesh
Faizal khan and Vaishnavi patil 


Sushant Khatri

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